Fresh squeezed orange juice.


Orange is a species of citrus fruit that is scientifically known as Citrus X Sinesis. Oranges are round, orange-colored fruit that on a tree that can reach ten meters high. Most people often try to add orange juice for their breakfast. Because orange is the source of vitamin C. Human bodies do not manufacture vitamin C, unlike other animals. To manufacture vitamin C, you need to eat foods rich in vitamin C. It helps the growth of the body, healing wounds, and fighting infections. Orange is filled with not only a source of vitamin C but also the source of dietary fiber. There are many species of lemon. Among them,

                  Navel orange

                  Blood orange

                  Clementine orange

                  Mandarin orange.

Navel orange.

The navel orange is the fruit which high in vitamin C, low accident and delectable sweetness. According to the researches, it demonstrates that this Navel orange species is a single mutation. It happened on a Selecta orange is the tree planted in a monastery in Bahia Brazil in the early 1800s. Navel orange fruits are filled with vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and low calories. Averagely a Navel orange is filled with these nutrients, such as 69 calories, 17.5g of carbohydrates, 3.1g of fiber, 1.3g of protein and less than 0.2g of fat, and 0g of sodium. So adding Navel orange juice to your meal leads your overall health by lowering the risk of both blood pressure and heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, boosting memory, and improving the immune system. 

Blood orange.

The bright red flesh of the blood orange standing out from every other type of orange. Anthocyanin, a pigment found in various flowers and fruits, causes reddish flesh of this Blood orange. Also, this anthocyanin pigment is rarely found in citrus fruits as well as there are several varieties of Blood orange. Among them, Moro, Sangguinello,  and  Tarocco are some of them. 

Moro is the most colorful of the bunch, which has deep purplish flesh and reddish rind. But Moro orange is not as strong as it’s flavor. Also, Morocco is filling more vitamin C than any other orange in the world. Morocco is high in both its juiciness and sweetness. This orange got its name from a farmer who discovered it. And  Sanguinello orange also another variety in blood orange, which was found in 1929.  The flesh of Sangguinello is lovely and tender. And it is very similar to Moro. Not only that, Burris, Delfino, Khanpur, Red Valencia,  Sanguine Doble Fina, Washington Sanguine, and Vaccaro are other varieties that including the orange blood family. Mainly single Blood orange contains about 70 calories.

Tangerine orange. 

Tangerine orange is a fruit that is coming from the Mandarine variety. It takes a smaller and rounder shape than other oranges. This fresh fruit is also used in salads, desserts, and main dishes. The peel of it use, fresh or dried, as a spice or paste for baking and beverages. The peak season of this Tangerine orange is lasting from autumn to spring. And also, frozen fresh tangerine juice is commonly available in the United States. You can get many health benefits by consuming the peel of Tangerine orange fruit. The peel fills with a super flavonoid called “tangerine.” That super flavonoid is helping to lower cholesterol levels. Averagely a medium-sized Tangerine fruit gets 47 calories, 0.7g protein, 0.3g fat, 12g carbohydrates, and 1.6g fiber. As well as the fruit, Tangerine is a good source of dietary fiber. So adding this fruit to your meal will be a great way to lose weight.

Clementine orange.

Clementine orange is a tiny citrus sweet fruit which is deep orange color with smoothy and glossy appearance. And also, this species is a hybrid between a Willowleaf Mandarin orange and Sweet orange. Clementine is juicy and sweet while having less acid than other oranges. Their small size’s concoction, easy to removed peel, and sweet flavor make interest among children and adults. Naturally sweet Clementine act as a  substitute for sugar- added products. According to the research, this orange species is rich in 100% of vitamin C’s daily requirements daily. Besides, Clementine is the source of other essential vitamins and minerals. Nutrients that vitamin  B, folate, calcium, iron, potassium, copper, and several other nutrients are replenished your system as well. Clementine orange is rich in flavonoid plant compounds that help reduce inflammation. 

Mandarin orange.

Mandarin orange is smaller than regular oranges. They also have looser skin and sweeter taste. While Mandarins are mostly grown in the United States and California, Native to Asia, China is the world’s biggest producer. It is commonly eaten as a snack due to easiness to feel, practically seedless, and less acidity. It is also popular citrus ingredients for seafood, appetizers, desserts, savory recipes, and adult beverages. 

Nutritionally all the Mandarins are the same, and there are contain calories, fiber, and vitamin  C. Also, this is a valuable source of flavonoid antioxidants such as naringenin, xanthins, and lutein.

In addition to mentioned above, there are many various oranges in the world, such as Acid-less orange, Sevilla orange, Bergamot orange, Trifoliata orange, Minneola Tangelos, and Honey Tangerines. Each variety has its unique characteristics based on flavor, juice content, seediness, and color. 

Fresh squeezed orange juice.

That is a liquid extract of the fruit which is produced squeezing or reaming orange. How juicy it is here depends on the particular factors of species, variety, and season. Fresh squeezed orange juice high in many nutrients. Such as most of the vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals. And also, orange juice is the most productive and most consumed in the world. Now you will be impatiently waiting to know how to make fresh-squeezed orange juice?  Before that, let’s find out how to squeeze the oranges needed to make juice. 

How to squeeze fresh orange juice

Squeeze using the hands is a standard method for squeeze an orange. But it can do by using machines as well. Now will see how to squeeze orange juice according to the traditional way which has mentioned above. It is not difficult as you think it is. Let’s see it under five steps.

         Grenade and remove the zest of the orange.

         Cut the oranges into halves.

         Hand squeeze the orange.

         Use a fork to burst the remaining pulp.

         Pass the juice through a sift.

Grenade and remove the zest of the orange.

In addition to ordinary juice, many orange juice recipes call for their zest as well. The reason is that zest adding enough flavor to the orange juice. You have to use a box grater or any other grater to grate the zest of orange. Please be sure to remove all the stickers. After that, drag the oranger in a downward motion against the blade of the grater. Do this process will lead to removing the colorful skin portion of the orange. When you are in the grating, please be sure to care about your fingers. Do not forget that blades in grater are incredibly sharp. 

Cut the orange into halves. 

You can cut the orange into halves using a very sharp knife. Here do not use a blunt knife. If you do not that, it is having a risk of splattering many citrus juices all over you. You have to create an indent through the rind of the orange.  It is easy to take the knife’s sharp point and to pierce it into the middle of the orange.

Hand squeeze the orange. 

Remember to using a large and shallow bowl. Then squeeze the orange by hand. Hold the orange tightly and press it using your hand. It is better to pack tightly. The pressure which you raised on orange leads to burst pulp and releasing it. It is a slight possibility to splatter everywhere. Remember to hold the bowl carefully.

Use a fork to burst the remaining pulp.  

Needs to be removed the pulps, which is remaining the inner white of the orange. So you have to use a  fork and apply pressure against them. The lemon juice that was not released at first squeezing further release on that pressure. 

When you squeeze an orange, you will notice that some of the solids have entered the juice mixture with it pulping as well. So that use a  sift to pass the juice mixture. It helps to get a liquid solution of orange juice excepts pulps and seeds.

So as mentioned above, you must have got an understanding of how to how to squeeze fresh juice. That is the first step in making fresh-squeezed orange juice.

How to make orange juice with a blender

In my view, it is better to use a blender to make orange juice because it takes less time to juice fruits. Primarily using a blender makes it easy to absorb nutrients in this process. So now, let’s see how to make orange juice with a blender step by step. 

You should provide ingredients. These ingredients are enough for one cup. (240ml)

           8-10 large-sized orange.

           1/8 tsp pink salt

           inch ginger piece.

           8-10 mint leaves.

           1 tbsp honey

           Wash  and  peel oranges

  1. Remove the white membrane.
  2. Cut them into two halves and pull out the seeds.
  3. Run the machine after adding them to a blender jar.
  4. Pass it through a filter and slightly press down with a spoon.
  5. Mix honey and stirring well.
  6. Serve fresh orange juice immediately.

If you prefer cold juice, you can freeze your oranges for about half an hour before juicing them. Please be sure not to add ice cubs after juicing. Because it dilutes the nutrition of the orange juice, so follow these instructions, which are mentioned above, for a delicious fresh orange juice. 

Fresh squeezed orange juice machines.

Do you like to enjoy a filled glass of fresh-squeezed juice in the morning? You can make delicious orange juice easily using these machines. It will become simple and efficient than other methods. So let’s see find out the fresh-squeezed orange juice machines. They are,

  1.    Braun J300 juicer
  2.    Citri Star Citrus fruit juicer.
  3.    Heston Citrus fruit juicer.
  4.    Duronic citrus fruit juicer.
  5.    Aycock Electric Citrus Juicer.
  6.    Eurolux Electric Orange Stainless Steel juicer.
  7.    Gorumia  Large Commercial  Grade 
  8.    Zulay Professional Manual Citrus Press.
  9.    Orange Squeezer.

Braun J300 juicer.

Braun J300 juicer is the best machine that can squeeze orange juice. When using this machine, it powers up to 800W  for both fruits and vegetables. So that the foam automatically separates for pretty clear liquids. It is also efficient for extracting a good volume of fluid from fruits and berries and quick to use.  All detachable parts are dishwashers are safe as well. The significant factor is you can add more fruits while the motor is running. 

Citri Star Citrus juicer.

This Citri  Star Citrus juicer is considered an all-rounder, which is excellent for juicing citrus fruit. Although it is small, it has designed to give maximum juice extraction. It has simple action at the touch of a button, and it can remove easily for cleaning. A cute opening in this machine suggests that you can stop the juice from flowing when your glass is full. And filling it in when you are ready. So this handy and straightforward Citri Citrus juicer makes easy on your fresh-squeezed orange juice. 

Heston Citrus Fresh juicer. 

Attractive design and high quality finished, this machine can get every last drop of juice. Any size of fruits can be juice through this machine. The specified quadra – fin of this Heston Citrus Fruit juicer good in juice fruit without ignoring their measures. So you can use this machine to make fresh-squeezed fresh orange juice. 

Duronic Citrus Fruit Juicer.

Duronic Citrus Fruit Juicer has a powerful 100W electronic motor for easy juice extraction with motorized cones categorized as larger fruits and smaller fruits.   The small cone is stored inside the larger cone. So on, you can make your fresh-squeezed orange juice using this Dutronic Citrus Fruit Juicer with a specified larger cone.

So if you are craving a delicious class of mouth-watering fresh-squeezed orange juice, these orange juicer machines will help you. 

Culinary uses for fresh-squeezed orange juice. 

Most people are seen orange juice as only a breakfast beverage. This valuable source, which contained vitamin C, playing a significant role in the culinary field. Although I’m talking about the connection between fresh orange juice and culinary, it is used not only in cooking but also in other sectors. Besides making juice beverages, do you know what to do with fresh-squeezed orange juice in culinary uses? 


When you make your marinade, it is better to try fresh orange juice instead of traditional vine and vinegar. Not only that, mix your orange juice with species of garlic, finely chopped onions, thyme, basil, and pepper. You can even add sauce, ginger, sesame oil, and myrrh as your wish. The natural acidity of orange, tenderizing flavored food concoction including meat, fish, poultry, and pork.


Except for making orange juice popsicle is the most straightforward way which you can try at home. You can do it by pouring delicious juice into freezer pop molds. It is better to make a  creamy version by mixing in some vanilla.  You want to get fancier, melt some chocolate, and fill in the popsicle mold’s bottom. You can add berries at the bottom. Finally, pour the liquid into the freezer pop-molds. Then you can slightly pour a layer of creamy orange juice over it as it freezes. The output will be as impressive as it tastes.


You can pickling using orange juice instead of vinegar. So orange has enough acid as much, acid as vinegar. When you are pickling next time, make it using onion. Do not forget to add slightly grated carrots, green chili, and raw papaya as well.  Then replace orange juice with vinegar. Indeed, you will be fabulous.

As well as there are many culinary uses for fresh-squeezed orange juice. Examples, added orange scrambled eggs, quick frosting, boxed cake mixers, orange spritz cookies, cranberry orange walnut bread and creamy orange caramels, and cranberry orange scones. 

Nutrition facts on fresh orange juice. 

      Calories – 47

       Water – 87%

       Protein – 0.9g

       Carbs – 11.8gg 

       Sugar – 9.4g

       Fiber – 2.4g

       Fat – 0.1g

( Here are the nutrients in about half of a large orange. )


Most of the calories in orange juice gain from carbohydrates. There is almost no fiber or starch. It hints that most of the carbs in the orange juice are provided in the form of sugar. 


Pectin, cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin.

Vitamins and minerals.

And also, orange is contained with several vitamins and minerals. They are vitamin C, thiamine, folate, and potassium.

Health benefits of fresh orange juice. 

Perks up blood circulation and creations. 

Oranges are high in folate, and that helps in forming DNA. It is a member of the B complex, which is technically introduced as vitamin B9. So the folates in the orange fight against free radicals to protect cells from regular damages. It plays a role in building new blood cells, as well. So a glass of orange juice supports the overall metabolism of all the systems’ body and functioning.  

Help to prevent from developing Anemia. 

Worldwide, more than 70 percent of women and children suffer from Anemia. Many newborns are born with Anemia except for poor nutrition. The severe deficiency of iron leads to the condition of Anemia. Mostly it is said that oranges are best for people with Anemia. Because fresh orange juice is the best vitamin C., it leads to the absorption of iron into blood vessels. 

Improves digestive systems.

Suppose you wish to keep the intestine in good condition.  It is better to consume fresh-squeezed orange juice. The lots of fiber, which is in orange juice, works to prevent intestinal problems and keep the stomach in good condition. Drinking fresh juice becomes the support of regulating stomach upset,  regular diarrhea, and constipation. As well as needs of acidic and alkaline properties in fresh orange juice, clean up gastric and digestive system regularly. Australian researchers declare that individuals who consume orange juice periodically are approximately 50% less inclined to develop cancers in the digestive system. So the benefits rendered by orange juice to the digestive e system are like miracles. 

Gaining radiant glow skin. 

If you want to boost your beauty, the nutrients in the orange juice you drink will do it naturally. Drinking fresh-squeezed juice help for radiant glow skin this way. And also, this helps to defeat the effects of aging and overcome by sunburnt. According to the nutritionist, they declare that people should regularly have fresh orange juice to improve their skin and nails’ beauty. In this way, new orange juice help to get the beauty of the skin.  

Boost cardiovascular healths. 

Consume fresh orange juice help to boosting your cardiovascular healths. Both potassium and magnesium nutrients are filled in orange juice, and both these nutrients help encourage a healthy blood pressure level.  The plant-based substance called “Hesperidin” is contained in orange, and it protects against arterial blockage by improving the health of nearby cells. Besides that, it lowered LDL cholesterol levels and other components found in orange, leading to stimulating blood vessels,  keeping blood pressure level, and maintaining proper heart function. 

Suitable for people with diabetes.

Orange juice is a good substitute for diabetic patients who are in the type two category. Doctors also recommended a daily dose of orange juice for them. Although orange juice is sweet and delicious, it has a significantly lower sugar level. And again, it is filled with diuretic properties. So this property help to manage excessive sugar within your body. Diuretic and vitamin C in orange help avoid infections, organ damages, and eye disorders.

Help strengthen bones and muscle.

Due to the lack of vitamins in the body will occur issues in bones. Almost every woman around the world has experienced this problem. When uric acid accumulated in the joints, people who are suffering from arthritis become painful and uncomfortable. The best solution for it is to drink fresh orange juice. Then you can be getting rid of uric acid. If you do that, it will lead to lowering the risk of gout. So that always try to consume fresh orange juice. 

In addition to the mentioned factors, Many health benefits fill out from fresh-squeezed orange juices. Such as preventing cancers, containing healing properties, reduce chances of developing ulcers, preventing tooth decay, helping the respiratory system, and producing collagen are some of them. Especially pregnant women need to consume orange juice moderately. And also get some toxicity in thalassemia or hemochromatosis patients.

Side effects of orange juice

  1. Increased risk of osteoporosis.
  2. Energy levels
  3. Gain in weight
  4. Dental caries
  5. Vitamin toxicity
  6. Iron toxicity

So thus, you might have got a good understanding of orange juice. Orange fruit is a precious miracle golded by nature. So do not forget to have a delicious glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice that offers many valuable gifts. 

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