about us

Juicezz is a collection of recipes to make outstanding beverages and drinks easily by yourself. We have a variety of drinks which can be made of the things you have access to within your garden. There are many healthy drinks for people who have medical conditions. Not only healthy drinks but also nice beverages you can serve to your guests. These drinks will appeal to any occasion including birthday parties, get-together, weddings, family outings, family functions, etc.
Sri Lanka is famous for its spicy and delicious food along with refreshing beverages. There are not only Sri Lankan traditional drinks but also iconic beverages from different parts of the world. We started Juicezz in 2019 as a concept to bring our visitors valuable information on beverages used worldwide and how they are made. It was not simple to bring the correct recipes as there are many recipes and many different versions for one beverage. Therefore, we bring to you the years of hard work through Juicezz. We came across a lot of ups and downs and, if you are reading this now, it means we have succeeded in our hard journey and you are looking at the utmost outcome.
Feel free to use any of the recipes provided in your day to day life. Our professionals have explained all the things step by step to make things simple and less complicated for you. If you learn something new and add some new recipes to your “can do” list, it is our sole purpose as a team. No matter if you have experience in making drinks, you can give these recipes a try. Our motto is, “ anyone can make it fresh”
Stay in touch as we update our drinks and recipes collection very often. Never miss the chance of trying new updates first.
Juicezz Team